Musketeer Baseball
...excellence, on and off the field
Assistant Coach Dan Burchfield has been part of Musketeer Baseball for the past sixteen years.  He has made it his mission in life to help guide our youth into the future. He is one of the most popular teachers on the Moorpark campus.

'Burch' can be heard on Friday nights announcing home football games with his signature style. ("There's yellow laundry on the field.") He teaches History and Drama including producing a couple of plays each year.

Coach is a longtime resident of Moorpark. He, and his wife Laura, have two sons Ryan and Joel. The 'Silver Fox' was a big part of the Moorpark Little League World Series team that went to Williamsport in 1996.
"'Dangerous Dan' Burchfield is one of the most positive, influential coaches and teachers I know. He is an award winning teacher that truly cares about kids. Every student and athlete that comes into contact with is better for the experience. I wish he would join us in modern society and get a cell phone, but we will keep him around anyway", says Coach Fullerton.